Bookkeeping / Payroll Services

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Monthly Services:

Bookkeeping - Financial Reports and QuickBooks Review / Reconciliation:

Hourly Services

The Process

I work with clients by taking appointments to drop off documents or we can work completely virtual through e-mail or online portal.  I also offer my locked mailbox at my North Bossier office as a way to quickly drop off items without making an appointment.  Contact me via e-mail, messenger, or phone for an appointment.  Office phone 318-425-1858.


Pricing is subject to change and can be adjusted to meet individual client’s unique needs.  I work with all clients to meet their tax and accounting needs at a price they can afford.  Fees are based on the time it will take me to gather information, prepare, review and finalize the work.


A signed contract and deposit will be required before any work is performed.  Deposit is returned in the form of credits in full after 6 months of on-time payments.  All Bookkeeping monthly contracts must be set up on ACH Auto-Draft to be paid on a specified day each month.

Invoices are due net 30.  Any balances exceeding 30 days overdue will have a late fee added equal to 10% total balance every month.  Any balances overdue 6 months will be subject to debt collection – all fees and associated expenses to be paid by debtor.

Experienced & Certified